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Connected TV The Impact of TV with the Precision of Digital

Supercharge your ad campaign by combining the power of digital advertising with an engaging, big screen user experience.

What is Connected TV?

People are increasingly watching TV via a “connected” device (streaming boxes, media streaming devices, Smart TVs, and gaming consoles) that can connect to a TV over the internet. These devices make use of apps to stream on-demand and live video content to via their cable provider’s apps or streaming subscription services.

What kind of content are people watching?

  • ON-DEMAND: Viewers select and watch the content they want, wherever and whenever they wish.
  • LINEAR/LIVE: Viewers watch at a particular time, channel or app live content is streamed in real time as event happens.

How does connected TV enhance your digital ad campaign?

  • It’s a non-skippable, immersive content format that allows you to engage with a unique audience that is committed to the content it is consuming.
  • Reaches a unique group of video consumers that advertisers can’t target with traditional TV commercials.

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