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Local News Network Reach Local News Consumers Across Northern Illinois

Reach Shaw Media's loyal Local News audience in print and online. We have several unique products to engage our audience through traditional advertising, Event/Contest/Content Sponsorships and promotions, Lifestyle magazines and digital Niche websites.

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Targeted Display Advertising Targeted Ads Served to YOUR Audience

Display advertising campaigns built with the information you supply to create a profile of your target audience. This audience is likely to engage with your business based on their browsing behaviors, interests, location, and of course, their demographics.

We combine your input with our campaign expertise to build a campaign that is optimized to deliver the best performance in order to meet your campaign objective.

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Targeted Email Marketing Direct One-to-One customer communication

Connect with your targeted audience right in their inbox with a professional email marketing campaign. On top of sending these emails for you, we will create a recipient list that meets your demographic and location criteria. Choose from a broad range of targeting categories, all of which are configurable to reach the right audience with your message.

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Social Media Advertising Find, Reach and Engage YOUR audience on social media

Find, reach and engage your audience on Facebook and Instagram with social ads that are seamlessly delivered across desktop and mobile, in tandem with your overall digital campaign.

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Targeted Audio Reach Local audiences listening to the Largest online Audio providers

A perfect blend of targeting and technology, programmatic audio will surely fit right into your media strategy. Benefit from the same real-time decision tools and detailed reporting you have for your video and cross-device campaigns. You can target audiences based on age, gender, location, musical taste, and third-party data. Also, you will get to reach targeted local audiences that listen to the largest online audio entertainment providers including Spotify, SoundCloud and Pandora.

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Video Advertising In-Stream Video Advertising on Content based websites

In-stream video advertising on desktop and mobile serving pre-roll and post-roll placements across content based websites. Target your audience by location, behavior and demographics reaching them on the sites and apps they view no matter what device they use.

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Connected TV The Impact of TV with the Precision of Digital

Supercharge your ad campaign by combining the power of digital advertising with an engaging, big screen user experience.

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Native Advertising Innovative Content Advertising Formats

Native Advertising (also called Branded or Sponsored) is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. Native ads match the visual design of the experience they live within, and look and feel like natural content. Native ads must behave consistently with the native user experience, and function just like natural content.

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Custom SEO More Traffic, More Sales

Search Engine Optimization gives your website greater searchability and higher visibility in the organic search engine result pages. SEO increases engagement and website traffic, allowing you to build exposure to potential customers. It ultimately helps you to increase conversions, which means more sales, more loyal customers, and more growth for your business. We are proud to introduce you to our Custom SEO solution designed to drive more traffic and more sales for your business. Simply put, it’s SEO that works.

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Pay-Per-Click Customers are Searching, are they Finding you?

Search engines like Google are your customer’s first stop in finding local businesses. Our full-service solution makes it easy for you to gain access to the most common way people search for products, services, and information today. A Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is a great way to get in front of your local audience.

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Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) Digital Billboards in densely populated public spaces

DOOH gives you the ability to expand your top-of-mind awareness in densely populated public spaces, boosting your brand visibility and ultimately, making consumers aware of your products and services.

Choose from dozens of possible locations to display your brand, including gas stations, malls, airports, train stations, restaurants, hotels, billboards, condominiums, and more!

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Website Design Custom Sites, Hosting and Support

You don’t have to be a tech professional to have a great website for your business.

Have us build your custom website in order to communicate what’s unique about your company and make sure your customers are finding your business online.

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Landing Page Lead Capture web pages

Extend your web presence and increase the ROI of your ad campaigns with a professionally designed and responsive lead capture page. Unlike a traditional website, a lead capture page can be created in one day and is designed specifically to match your ad campaign.

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Cannabis Advertising Capture YOUR Audience

Promoting cannabis businesses online can be a daunting task. Only a very limited number of online advertising platforms allow cannabis campaigns today. Policies around marketing cannabis businesses are confusing. It’s hard to understand what type of messaging is allowed or what is illegal given the current regulatory patchwork among federal, state, and local laws. Building an online ad strategy can be near-impossible in the current climate.

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Reputation & Directory Management Build your online Reputation and Get Found

Protect your reputation and take control of the online conversation about your brand.

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Intentional Direct Mail Turn Online traffic into Offline Customers

Retarget previously unknown website traffic with a custom direct mail postcard delivered to their home within days of visiting your site.

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Video Production Boost Conversion Rates with Video

There’s no doubt that the future of advertising revolves around video, and Shaw Media Marketing can help you take better advantage of that! Video marketing boosts customer conversion rates by over 86%! Video also builds trust and credibility, increases social exposure, and elevates brand visibility in search engines.

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Contests & Promotions Custom Promotions designed to drive LEADS

Engage with the Shaw Media audiences across all major platforms including print, email, digital and social! Drive traffic to your website, add likes to your facebook page and gather valuable consumer data directly from Shaw Media’s large, locally engaged audience.

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Print Marketing Solutions Ad Design to Signage to Menus – We Do it ALL

Traditional print marketing remains an important part of your company brand awareness. From design to customization we can create any type of print marketing tools to fit your needs.

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Niche Publications Upscale, Targeted, Impactful

Shaw Media produces a variety of specialty publications in both Print and Digital formats which provide our business partners a targeted audience with a specific area of interest.

Our library of offerings includes local lifestyle magazines and websites, community directories, custom chamber publications, local event calendars and specialized newsletters complemented by a strong social media and online presence.

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Classified Ad Network Hiring? Got Something to sell? We have a Solution

Shaw Media has a large print and digital local news network providing an effective tool to place your product or service in front of a valuable audience.

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