Our History

Shaw Media is an exciting mix of strengths, which forms an agile, industry-leading media company. We are high functioning, employee oriented and – above all else – committed to our communities and clients.

We are proud to be the third oldest, continuously owned and operated family media company in the nation. Our legacy of success dates back more than 170 years to 1851. That long track record of success has been due to our talented group of over 300 employees who put their very best into Shaw Media’s award-winning daily and weekly print and online publications located in Illinois and parts of Iowa. Our history of success continues.

The pedigree of Shaw Media reads like a fascinating lesson in American history—involving documented Mayflower ancestry and government office in the Plymouth colonies; a daring, orphaned 14 year-old pony express rider turned printer/newspaper editor; the founding of the early Republican party; partnership with no less than Abraham Lincoln; and a determined businesswoman blazing professional trails in the early 1900s. It's a story characterized by tenacity, drive, and vision—the same qualities that still define Shaw Media today.

Taking the Legacy Into the Future

As Shaw Media and area businesses have evolved into the digital space over the years, the need for versatility became apparent and imperative. An always-expanding array of marketing and advertising solutions for our clients has been the result. In 2017, another step forward was taken with the launch of Shaw Media Marketing, which combines all of the elements and resources of the existing company to form a specialized, full-service marketing and advertising agency. The gamut of powerful digital and print tools at the disposal of the agency is geared to creatively and purposefully help our clients successfully market their businesses and grow their customer base.

Through the years, Shaw Media has worked with thousands of businesses in virtually every vertical on a multitude of projects, and as we continue to grow and build new digital audiences, you can rest assured that quality and history are on your side.

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