How to create a Native Advertising Campaign that works

how to create a native advertising campaign that works - ImageAs a Project Manager it is my job to create content ideas, fulfill and execute client campaigns.   This means I am responsible for producing fresh content on a regular basis.  Keeping a content marketing mindset is key.  Meaning I am always on the lookout for new content possibilities.

Native Advertising allows the client or brand to be featured as the expert in the industry and that builds engagement and trust with readers.  Engaging content enables the client or brand to be seen as a source of information for your audience. I try to educate my clients to understand that Native Advertising is not traditional advertising.  As soon as the reader feels like the content is an ad or turning into one they will click off and you have lost them.  Which again is why I emphasize to my clients the importance of keeping the content educational and informative and featuring them as the expert.

Your content needs to be compelling.  People love stories that they can relate to.  You need to be honest and open.  For example, I had a client that did an article on Easter egg decoration ideas and the article did so well.  The content was featured two weeks before Easter and was reshared on social media several times.  Very simple yet so fun and relatable. The graphics were bright and colorful and the article showed very high engagement.  The content captured the hearts of Moms, Dads, Grandparents and Caregivers looking to create some fun memories and in turn the client obtained new business from that article.

Another asset that is so important is video!  Video marketing is on the rise and that is no exception to Native Advertising campaigns.  Another one of my clients is a Major Metro Hospital.  They provide their own content and videos and they work so well together.  Each article will touch on the key points that are talked about in the video.  Video, good graphics and hi-res logos are key!  The hospital creates engaging content that people love reading.   This particular article talked about how a patient recovered from a surgery and is now living a normal, healthy life.  The video illustrated how a knee replacement works and explained the entire process from beginning to end.  The video also featured the Doctor in a testimonial with the patient.  This article did so well. So many of our readers liked and reshared the post on Facebook.

These are just a few of my tips to help you create a successful Native Advertising Campaign.  If you are interested in learning more about Native Advertising contact the experts at Shaw Media Marketing.