Focus your message and stay top of mind to your customers with a retargeting strategy!

focus your message and stay top of mind to your customers with a retargeting strategy- ImageAre you a business who is trying to reach people in a certain area? Do you have a product or service that seems to align with a specific demographic or geography? Are you interested in pinpointing potential customers who are already looking for what you have or what you do?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then targeted display advertising may be a great digital strategy to consider.

This concept, otherwise known as retargeting, remarketing, or extended reach, launches digital display ads to potential customers based on their geography, demographic information and various online behaviors. For example, if you employ a search retargeting campaign that focuses on certain keywords in a selected geography, then your ads will be triggered when users in that geography search for those keywords. Regardless of what the actual search results show, your ad can now appear to that user on virtually any website they visit. This will keep your business top of mind to that consumer, since the ad is relevant to them in some way.

Contextual or behavioral retargeting is another sound strategy that focuses on a user’s overall online behavior and places your display ad next to relevant content that the user is reading. If a dentist is using this strategy for example, then his ads could appear next to an article that someone is reading on any dental-related subject. Site retargeting is another key element that can be installed, wherein anyone who visits your website but then leaves, can have your ad follow them and appear wherever they surf to next.

The entire idea surrounding targeted display advertising is that it focuses on active users who are already interested in what your business offers, therefore delivering relevant, non-intrusive ads to potential customers in whatever location you choose.

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