Evie Kevish

Evie Kevish - ImageEvie is not only a Project Manager, she is a Digital Media Master. With over a decade of experience in the Marketing & Advertising industry, Evie brings a lot of innovative ideas to Shaw Media Marketing. After graduating from Purdue University with a Bachelors in Marketing, Evie started her career as a Media Marketing Analyst. Throughout her career she has worked for several large national companies. Evie joined Shaw Media Marketing in 2014, and has proven she is a true asset to the team. Bringing creative ideas and executing client campaigns, Evie has helped the Digital Team grow into what it is today.

Do you have a favorite quote?
Second Place is First Loser.

If you had a superpower what would it be?
To fly. I do not like to sit in traffic or wait around.

You're happiest when?
Spending time with my husband and daughters.
Hanging out with my parents.
Making family memories with my brother, my sister-in- law, and my nephews.
Doing CrossFit – can’t beat a good WOD – (Workout of the Day).
Having all my chores done for the week and relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.

What is your hidden talent?
Doing awesome makeup. I can do a mean winged eyeliner.

Best Part/Favorite Part of your job at SMM?
Working for a company that is on top of their game.
I love that we use all Apple products. I am very brand loyal to Apple, and I love that we are tech savvy.
I enjoy educating my clients and helping them execute their campaign goals.
It is so fun to do what you love, and I am on an array of websites and Social Media all day. I always stay abreast of the most current trends in the Social Media world and learn how I can help my clients even more. The digital world is constantly evolving, so I am always learning.

Favorite Sports/Sports Teams
Favorite Sport – CrossFit. I am a CrossFitter, and I love watching the CrossFit Games. I think it is the ultimate test of the Fittest on Earth.
Football: Packers, Packers, did I say Packers? Yes, I am a Packers fan! I root for the Cubbies and Blackhawks, too.

Favorite TV Show/Movie
Movie – My all-time favorite is Predator
TV Show - Sopranos, Nip/Tuck, Hell’s Kitchen
Also a huge Reality TV Junkie

Strange facts about you?
I get up around the same time, 5:00 am, every single day
I have stood on the Equator
I have met a lot of bands, artists, and DJs

Favorite Band/Music?
House – Kaskade & Matt Darey
Techno - Adam X & Marco Bailey
Trance - Paul Oakenfold & Paul VanDyk
Chillwave – Odesza & The New Division
Alternative – Linkin Park, Korn, Deftones, 311, The Used
Hip Hop – Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne

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