Email Campaigns: Still Relevant and Powerful

email campaigns still relevant and powerful - ImageYour businesses’ marketing mix can and should be comprised of many elements. From the core group, which may include your website, social media, and print advertising, to the more specific strategies involving content, video, SEO/SEM, etc. there are many ways to utilize tech to market and advertise to your target audience. Another excellent tactic is to employ an email marketing campaign.

Why email?

Why not? One of the chief advantages of email campaigns is that email is still very relevant and used widely. Millions of people use email daily, and with advanced audience segmentation options and ways to tailor a message to your specific needs, email marketing remains a trusted, potent strategy for your business that should not be overlooked.

Multiple styles

Another benefit of email campaigns is the multitude of messages that can be sent out. Email is a great way to send information on a sale, special offer, or upcoming event to both your current and prospective customers. Coupons or other redeemable discounts can be placed right into the message for an easy measurement of your ROI. You can also employ relational emails that nurture your existing relationships with your customers by providing them with useful content. This can be in the form of a newsletter, a thank you, or other relevant literature that they will want to read.

Customized messages, customized audience

We’ve all received random emails from businesses and brands that don’t interest us and they forever linger in the Spam/Junk folder, right? But what if, for example, you’re a golf enthusiast and you see an email from your local course announcing an event or special rates? That would be relevant to you, and chances are you’d open it. The same principle can apply to virtually any type of business. When you craft a message and send it to a specific, relevant audience, they will be much more likely to engage and take action on whatever your message entails.

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