Your Website: A Critical Marketing Tool

your website a critical marketing tool - ImageConsumers today have more touch points than ever before to find the information they seek. That means for businesses of every size, having the most up to date, relevant content available when potential customers are looking is paramount. Chief among those, is your website. In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to have a good, clean, responsive website that provides value to the user and acts as a critical marketing tool. Let’s examine some reasons why:

First Impressions Are Everything

Buyers today are highly informed, and one of the first things a potential customer will do when they hear of a business is look for their website. Sure they can glean certain information and read their peers’ reviews on social media, but often times the short-form and user-generated content on social media is not an accurate reflection of the type of business you want to showcase. Your website on the other hand, is tailored to your brand and voice, and gives visitors to your site 24/7 virtual front door access to your business.


One of the best parts about your website is that YOU own it. It’s your property. The social media platforms you use are just that. While they are certainly key components of any marketing mix, you don’t own them and are at the mercy of their changes and updates, for better or worse. With your website, you’re in the drivers seat with creative control at all times.

Lead Generation

Let your website work for you! A simple form on your website can give you the names and contact information of potential customers, instantly generating leads for you. Hot leads in fact, because they sought you out. They came to your site and took the time to fill out your form because they are interested in your product/service. Not only does this kickoff a conversation for you to showcase what you do, but it gives you important data to add to your customer base.


If a potential customer is searching for a product or service and comes across a business that has an outdated, unresponsive site that generally does not create a very good user experience, (or no website at all!) what impression will that person have? Comparatively, a fresh, well maintained, easy to navigate site will be a reflection of relevance on your business, and thus likely to attract more customers.

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