Why Facebook is Important for a Small Business

why facebook is important for a small business - ImageAs a small business owner you might think, “Why does my business need Facebook?  Is it really that important?” We are here to tell you that it is.

As a consumer looking for new products or a business I will scour the internet. I will look at your website, read Google reviews and most importantly look at your Facebook page. I want to see the kind of content you share. Do you have photos? Do you share relevant information pertaining to your business? Do you have any specials or contests that I can engage with? What are your customer’s reviews saying? As a consumer if I see that you have a website and a Facebook page that is giving me the information I want, I am 99% sure I will buy from your business.

Here are 5 reasons why having an active Facebook page is important to your business.
1. Brand Awareness – Facebook allows you to have visibility amongst current and potentially new customers.
2. Location – Do your customers know you are local and where you are located? Facebook allows you to show your location on a map and provide your hours. You can share highly targeted content to your local community.
3. Keeping it personal – Facebook allows customers to message businesses directly and the amount of messages between businesses and consumers has doubled since 2015.  Customers want to feel special and that you care.
4. Boost traffic for your website – Having a Facebook page can help increase traffic towards your website.  Customers share deals with their friends and family, which could in turn increase your profits by obtaining new customers.
5. Gather customer information – Facebook allows you to dig deeper into your Fan Base by accessing their Insights page. You can see demographics such as the kind of people that like your business and what they are interested in. You can then target your message to these types of customers in your area.

If you are looking for ways to boost your Facebook page or if you need help starting one up contact one of the experts at Shaw Media Marketing. We are here to help you every step of the way.