Tips on how your business should handle negative comments on Social Media

tips on how your business should handle negative comments on social media - ImageLets face it we have all seen the comments on Google, Facebook and Yelp pages to name a few and some are good, but most of them are bad.

When a customer has a bad experience they want to tell everyone on the Internet about it. They want to make sure that everyone knows they had an awful experience.

However, deep down the customer is really looking for a response from you – the owner.  They want to feel that they are cared about.  They want to feel valued.

It is easy to turn a negative into a positive just by responding to the customer.

Here are some helpful tips to help you handle negative comments.
1. You need to respond.  Respond politely and offer a solution.  You do not want to give off the impression you have something to hide.
2. Ask the customer to send you a PM (private message).  If the customer does not cooperate, show you are trying to resolve the issue publicly.
3. Block them.  If the customer is not complying with your solution or offering to follow up in a private message and becomes aggressive and uses expletives you can block them.
4. Keep posting amazing content.  Educational and informative posts can trump anything bad.

A few things to note: your social media reputation is important.  You can control your page but you cannot control your customer’s behavior.  Everyone makes mistakes.  It could be something as simple as forgetting to give a receipt or as harsh as giving someone the wrong order.  Customers want to be taken care of and feel valued.

When the owner reaches out and tries to rectify the situation or offers a solution or make good the customer, the customer will feel important and usually return and give your business another try.

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