Targeted Email Marketing

Everyone knows email marketing is the best way to reach your customers, but it's also very tricky. Because email marketing is direct one-to-one customer communication, your strategy must be specific to who you're targeting in your email.

Why is targeted email marketing beneficial?

In one word - relevance.

You can save time, effort, and money by not sending out a general email that may not be relevant to the customers. If you know what your customer wants, you will have a much easier time creating content for them. In one way or another, this saves you money because it takes less time to create customized emails instead of generic ones.

How do you do that?

Most companies mistake blasting out generic emails hoping for a response, and they end up getting no response at all. That's not what you want.

Instead, you want targeted email marketing that ensures the right people see your content.

When you use targeted email marketing, it means that the people on your list are more likely to open your emails, read them and click through. The benefits of sending targeted emails are obvious because relevant content will get more views than mass emails, aka spam.

Targeted email marketing can help your company increase conversions because you only speak to people who already want to hear what you have to say. You don't waste time or money sending content that isn't relevant.

The bottom line is this: targeted email marketing is more successful than mass emails. It's faster, less expensive, and consistently more effective.

However, it's not easy for small businesses and startups to do email marketing on their own. They need help creating professional content, setting up an email list, driving traffic to that list, and managing subscribers.

What is the best way to start using targeted email marketing?

Getting started with email marketing is simple with Shaw Media Marketing. We provide email marketing services to small businesses, startups, and the self-employed to help increase sales and presence with customized emails.

We use behavioral data and our expertise to create an audience profile based on their interests and buying habits. Then we send them relevant emails with content they want to read about from brands they already love (like yours).

Our talented marketing team will develop a customized marketing plan to fit any budget. If you want to reach your target audience, contact us.

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