Find customers when they are online and already near your business!

find customers when they are online and already near your business - ImageMobile advertising has seen a spike in recent years, due in large part to the increasing amount of people that own a smartphone. According to the Pew Research Center, 65% of adults in the United States own one, and more than half of the time people spend online is on a mobile device.

Fish where the fish are

With so many people owning or using a mobile device, a business can pinpoint their message to those people when, and where, they are. The technology is available to target people in a precise geography because of GPS data, and the location information from the device is used to serve ads directly to the consumer.


A popular mobile strategy for businesses, particularly those with a retail storefront, is geofencing. The concept is to target potential customers when they are already physically near the business location. An invisible “fence” is placed in a radius around the business, and any user who crosses inside that fence and is browsing mobile web or using an app can be served that businesses ad. This is an effective strategy not only because it delivers ad impressions only to people who are already physically nearby, but the ad can also deliver key information to the user such as the exact distance they are from the business, a map to the location, special offers/coupons, and click to call and click to website functions, right from the ad itself.


Another strategic function of a geofenced mobile ad is the ability to daypart. That is, to only serve the ads during certain times of the day. This is particularly effective for a restaurant who wanted to serve ads to nearby people during lunch or dinner hours, or a bar targeting users near to a big event like a concert or sports game. There are many ways for a business to daypart their ads to maximize the amount of relevant deliverable impressions.

For a cost-effective, useful mobile ad strategy designed to increase foot traffic into a store as well as good local branding, mobile geofencing is a great option to consider