Attract new customers and market your business with an e-commerce deal

attract new customers and market your business with an e commerce deal - Image“Oh, I found a deal on that!”

Hearing people say things like this in everyday conversation is pretty common these days. Searching online for deals and discounts at restaurants, retail shops, or even car washes are just as common as shopping for anything else online. So the customer is able to find the incentive(s) they are looking for, but what benefit does that really create for the business?

The Groupon’sLiving Social’s and Localflavor’s of the world have the right concept, but especially where smaller businesses are concerned, these sites don’t always attract the repeat customers the business hopes for. Often times, those that buy deals from these sites are people who are passing through town briefly or visiting someone, and they usually don’t come back right away, if ever. So while the initial deal purchase may generate a good return, the long-term sustainability for such an incentive is often minimized.

What if, then, through a similar e-commerce platform, your business not only attracted the attention of local customers with unlimited potential for repeat and referral business, but also had the full support of the trusted local media outlet? Shaw Media Marketing’s deals platform, found at aims to do just that. By virtue of a locally focused, audience-specific, multi-channel advertising campaign with no up-front cost to the business to participate, the deals that people purchase are designed to keep them coming back through your door. All the while, a print, digital and email program is built around it for the businesses’ gain. Wouldn’t such a comprehensive plan carry more value than a few drop in customers armed with a Groupon that may never be seen again?

If you’re a local restaurant or retail business owner looking to support your advertising efforts, incentivize new and existing customers and drive new traffic into your business, contact us today!